Monday, February 13, 2012

A piece of my mind...

Over the years, my increasing knowledge of the state of our World has made me a bit of a neurotic. I wonder, how did it get this way? Why don't more people care? How can I fix this mess? People are getting cancer. Children are developing autism and learning disorders. One in 3 Americans are obese! Air is unsafe. Water is unsafe. Soil is unsafe. Food is unsafe. The earth is littered and disrespected. People are belittled and disregarded. 

This deeply troubles me and I don't understand it. There seem to be obvious things that people can do at least slow the ruin of our precious planet and can possibly repair and improve this world. Yet all too often, I'm made to feel wacky, overly worried, neurotic for feeling this way.

These are my tips. Take them as you will, but know that the only motive behind this blog is to raise awareness and to empower. It's to open your mind to things you may not know and encourage you to be mindful of EVERYTHING you buy, EVERYTHING you eat, EVERYTHING you do. It will require SACRIFICE. Warning: You may start to distrust everything.

Forgive my melancholy outlook, but until I see that people are safe and happy and have access to healthy food, clean air, safe water, and honest information, I can't be trusting and I can't be at peace. Hopefully I'll be able to muster up some humor to lighten up this heavy material. Humor is one of the only things that keeps one sane in this insanity. Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll help in saving the world and yourself, one neurotic step at a time.

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